all wiki features enabled!

hello, new wikia users! enjoy the kids'shows wikia! please note that not everyone can be promoted. only promote with my permission.

here we go!


this feature allows anyone to make a poll


you can make blogs on your userpage.

article comments

anybody can comment on an article.

message wall

allows other wiki contributors to leave a message for you. welcomes are automatic.


you know what this is! forums allow you to post stories, news, and other stuff! 


you can make your own maps!


chat with anyone instead of using posts.

last but not least, achivements!

you can earn medals! bet remember, just because you have more medals than someone else doesn't mean you're better than that person.

and those are all of the features that are enabled! 
200px-Gary the Snail.svg

and don't forget my favorite spongebob squarepants character! reason: he's pink and he's based on a cat. you can never resist a kitty cat!