halloween is coming up!

Hello there everyone! I am here to deliver that we have a contest for you all! The contest is for the forum boards! The explanation is fairly simple, really. You have to think of names for the forum boards. For example...

User A: News And Announcements --> Something spooky

User B: Off Topic --> Something spooky

I think that's pretty understandable. 

Anyways, you are going to have to think of some spooky name for the boards! However, the spooky thing still has to be related to what the original board was. 


  • You are allowed to make more than one entry. If you decide to make up more names for the boards, go for it!
  • Halloween related names
  • Make sure that these names aren't already taken
  • Please list which board is what

I recommend doing more than one name for a board because it will raise your chances of winning. One person will be chosen for each board name! Afterwards, I will gather all the choices and make a poll! Suggestions are due the 25th! Have fun!

I hope you can read this...